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Scholarship and Public Writing

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“Natural History, Homeopathy, and the Real Horrors of Le Fanu’s Carmilla.” Nineteenth-Century Contexts 43.4 (2021), 403-416.


“‘Artful Courtship,’ ‘Cruel Love,’ and the Language of Consent in Carmilla.” Nineteenth-Century Gender Studies 16.3 (2020).

“Robert Louis Stevenson as Philosophical Anatomist: The Body Snatcher.” English Literature in Transition, 1880-1920, 62.4 (2019): 458-481. Link.

“Dickens’s Wild Child: Nurture and Discipline after Peter the Wild Boy.” Dickens Studies Annual, 48 (2017): 45-58. Link.



“Down the Rabbit Hole: Researching the Golden Age of Children’s Literature in the Baldwin.” SOURCE Magazine, 1.2 Special Issue (2019): 8-11. Link.

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